Tuesday, 28 June 2011

ad: Revview, an interactive job portal and a mini post~

Hi there!

We were bored, so we went to see this awesome video on youtube! (after searching for interactive job video as we heard that it is trending now)
Today we are going to introduce a new site, called: prevview 
It is Asia's First Interactive Job Portal!!

This website ROCKS, you only have to upload your portfolios, documentations, information about yourself, and lastly, a video of yourself!
As to compared to the conventional LONG AND DRAGGY ways of.
1) Employers posting job vacancies online.
2) Interested Candidates browsing through.
3) Submission of Portfolios online
4) And the long long tedious process of waiting to be shortlisted.
5) And Finally ah Finally, a scheduled interview.

However this portal makes everything so much more SIMPLE!
Employers searching for employees just have to view videos made by them and decide whether they would like to employ these people! And employers can just download online these employee's documents and qualifications! 

Everything done at the ease of your computer desk, WOAHLA~!!

I feel that this site is really out of the box because Prevview uses both traditional CV and Video resumes.

And you know what they say, TIME IS MONEY! and I'm sure there are tons of lazy pigs like me out there who hate going for interviews :)

Hahaha, we also stopped by to take a look @ VW mircosite
INSPIRED by this guy's video.
The guy was really awesomeee! He was oozing with confidence! :)

Since Yumiko is currently studying interactive design media.
Yumiko has an advantage! As she is already taught and trained to edit videos and speak publicly to sell herself as a product to potential employers <3

Hahahaha, anyway,...
enough about what we think about it, try it for yourself :)

here are some pictures taken during Mitsuki's birthday:
These were the cupcakes and cake decoration done by Yumiko and friends!
Specially designed for our lovely Mitsuki~

hehe Mitsuki is loving her cupcake~
taking photos time!

Love, Yumiko and Mitsuki~
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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Japanese Sweets~


A few days ago, Yumiko went to eat several japanese sweets! At Sun with Moon restaurant.
Here are some pictures for everyone to take a look!

Firstly, Sakura Float.
It was their limited edition drink and I was excited to try!

At first, I thought the red syrup at the bottom of the glass was sakura flavoured syrup.
In the end it was some syrup that tasted like ume.
The drink was sort of sweet and salty at the same time.
Nevertheless, it was a cool drink to experience!

Next dessert is a japanese style parfait!
See the white balls at the side of the glass? It is mochi!
It's my favorite! Because it is tasteless and chewy. Hehe

Next up! Tofu cheese cake!
The tofu caged up in a bird cage looks interesting!
I liked the base of the cake as it is crunchy and had an oatmeal taste.
The cheese cake was really like tofu, soft and sorta silky.

Lastly, its the hokkaido chocolate crepe cake.
As you can see, layers of crepe were stacked on top of each other.
It was really yummy! :D

Lastly, I am posting up these cute cream roses from my past birthday cake!
I loved them alot!

Mitsuki will be back from Japan very soon! I missed her~
That's all for today's post! XD

Love, Yumiko
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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Mitsuki is going to Japan for holidays!

Hi sweeties!

By the time you guys read this post, I would already be on the plane to Tokyo or have already reached <3

I am so excited! I finally am able to go to my dream country, Japan! =))

I will be going for 8 days and 6 nights!

Kelly is very nice and she even introduced me to some places in Tokyo. Might be going to the hair salon that she did her hair in Shinjuku <3

BTW, I gotten myself a pair of Princess Mimi aka Bambi Sesame grey lens and a pair of hurricane brown lens =) 

Mimi lens is 15mm while hurricane brown lens is 14mm =) 

Me in Nudy Grey =) [Sorry for the bad quality pic!]

Well then,
See you again prettys~

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Monday, 13 June 2011

Canmake makeup products review!

As we have won the giveaway from akimme (thank you so much dear, we loved the products!), here is our (late) review on the canmake products!
canmake mascara, eyeshadow and busher!
review one: canmake gokubuto mascara!
this is my eye lash without the mascara:
before mascara

This is my eye lash after several layers of mascara coated on.
Can you see the power of the mascara?? hehehe
It really lengthens my eyelash!
after mascara
Next up! is canmake cheeks and highlight 08 review!
This is Yumiko without the blusher on.

before blusher
This is Yumiko after with blusher applied.
It really gives a natural effect.
Just nice for a casual outing,or going to work/school!
Moreover,this product, it not only comes with a blusher, it comes with a highlighter as well!

With the highlighter, you can highlight the bridge of your nose if you want to have a higher nose.
And,if you find that the blush applied on your cheeks are too red/much, you can also use the highlight provided to make it less red! 
Just simply blend it/ apply it on top of the blusher.
after blusher
Next up is review on canmake four shiny eyes (eyeshadow) 06.
It is a pink eyeshadow!

when she close her eyes with the eyeshadow

This is the eyeshadow applied on Mitsuki
Mitsuki's eyes!
When Mitsuki's eyes open~
Tip from Mitsuki: #1 apply the white shiny eyeshadow on the eye tear duct to make the eyes bigger~

Upper eyelash is: Melliesh 01 Doll
Bottom eyelash is: some taiwan princess eyelash ~ hehe cannot remember the name

the overall look~

Overall we think that these canmake products reviewed are for people who prefer natural makeup, as the colours are not very strong. :D
Hope you guys and girls enjoyed our review~

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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Palty Fragrance Review

Hi sweeties,

Today we are reviewing Palty Solid Frangrance Rose (left)  and Floral (right). 

Note the difference between the two of them. The packaging for floral frangrance is a older version. However, the fragrance is still the same as the new version. 

The Floral gives you a long-lasting faint smell and is non-sticky. 
Whereas the rose gives you a tinge of sweetness. 
However, the fragrance is only able to stay for 5 hours. 
Do note that this is different from a perfume. ^^ 
It is recommended to people who are sensitive to alcohol and artificial colourant. Personally, I feel that it is a good option for people with sensitive nose. 

What I feel about this product is that you can use it where ever you want. You can even apply it on your books or letters for your friends! =) 

When applied on my hand I feel that it is quite smooth. 

The floral fragrance is not too strong and just nice for me as I do not really like the smell of flowers.

As per packaging, with floral smell it leaves you like a girl in love
Yumiko with Floral Fragrant
 As I love the smell of roses, I personally recommend this for rose lovers. However, do note that it might be too empowering for those who do not like strong fragrance.

As per packaging, with the smell of rose it leaves you like a doll.
Mitsuki with Rose Frangrant

Love Mitsuki and Yumiko <3
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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Food Art

Did this when I was bored at a hotel buffet:
macaroons stacked on top of each other
macaroons with their family of gummy bears
love, Yumiko.

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