Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sponsored Review: Mentholatum Mogitate Kajitsu (strawberry)

こんにちは!皆さん、お元気ですか?0(^ ^)0

Today, I will be reviewing Mentholatum Mogitate Kajitsu in strawberry flavor!!! XD

Mentholatun, the Number 1 Bestselling Lipbalm brand in Japan, launches the Mogitate Kajitsu lip balm series in Singapore. "Mojitate" means "fresh" and "Kajitsu" means "fruits" in Japanese. This "juicy" lipblam is bursting with Natural Fruity Goodness and Honey. It comes in five different fruit mixes for you to take your pick: Strawberry, Grape& Berry, Orange & Mango, White Peach & Lemon/Lime.

This lipbalm contains essential minerals and vitamins that are beneficial to the lips and body. it also contacts honey, which heals and renew the lips. With Mentholatum Mogitate Kajitsu lip blams, now you can get Real, Natural Fruity Goodness to nourish your lips and make it soft, supple and Oh-So-Kissable! In addition, it contains Squalane, Grape Seed Oil, Vitamin A & E!

The Mentholatum Mogitate Kajitsu lipbalm is available at all Watsons stores at the retail price of $5.90!!!


Before Application

After application


Mitsuki's verdict:
  • It gives a really nice strawberry smell to it!
  • It gives you an urge to want to lick your lips at times!! 
  • However, I find that it is not very moisturizing for me, as I have dry lips. It would be great for anyone who would want a basic lipbalm with a little fun of flavor to it. 
  • For chapped lips, I would recommend other lipbalms though :X
  • It would be great for a Christmas gift! =)

That's all for the review!!

Have a great day!!
Mitsuki <3
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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Day at East Coast Park!

Hi dearies!!

How have you all been?? ^^
Yumiko and I love to cycle at ECP and we look forward to the seafood feast we will have after cycling! However... we did not manage to eat the seafood that day because we exceeded the rental time!!! T^T

Here are some pictures we have taken! XD

Do you sweeties like to cycle too?? ^^

Sorry for the short post!! =3

Have a great day!!

Mitsuki & Yumiko
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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Yumiko's current favorite game!

Hey ya all!
How was your week so far?
My favourite de-stress activity is gaming as well!
I would like to introduce everyone my currently favorite game.

Its.... This!
The Transformers, War for Cybertron, the PC game.

Ever since I saw the Transformers 3 Movie around June, I fell in looove with it.
I also wasted quite a few money to buy their figurines.  Haha.

Thus, my sister and I went high and low to find this game in almost all the game stores in Singapore.
Luckily, we found the last one in the shop~ 
(if not we would have bought it online hahaha~)

However, once I told my guy friends about this game that I am currently playing, they are like : " Whaaaattt??!! " 
It is like they cannot believe that I am really playing these kind of games. 

Anyway, here's the main menu of the game.
The graphics of this game looks so cool!

The (destroyed) planet is Cybertron, Transformers' homeland.
It has been destroyed by the War between the 2 groups of Transformers, the Autobots and the Decepticons.

This game has 2 type of game plays.
One is the storyline game, and one is the multiplayer game.

What I like most is the multiplayer part!

In the multiplayer section, you can meet different types of people all around the world who are currently playing this game.

You can play together with your friends as well~

I guess most people's favorite section is the team deathmatch.
This section is where the computer server will split gamers into 2 different groups, the Autobot group or the Decepticon group.

Everyone will have to kill as many enemies as possible, to gain experience points.
This is really difficult but fun game to play, as you might not know where your enemy is or what your enemy is thinking.

If you are killed by your enemy team, you will be revived one second later.
However there is death counts as well.

It will be around 15 minutes per gameplay. The winning team will be the one who killed the most enemies.

Here's the team deathmatch.
I am currently playing under the Autobot team!!!!

There's news that a continuation of this game: Fall for Cybertron is going to be released next year!!!
However, it is only for PS3 and Xbox.
I am hoping that they will make it a PC game. 

That's for this post!!
See ya and take care everyone~


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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

We are still ALIVE!!

Hi my dear readers,

We deeply apologize for not updating this blog for like sgifhosiohosab time! Don't worry, we are still alive! We are just bounded by the hectic school schedules and crazy tests/projects T^T

Few days ago, I went out to relax with my bunch of shinyuu (good friends)

Here is pictures time XD

Gashapon day XD I love Gintama (Esp Gintoki & Elizabeth) XD

Hair of the day (impromtu, cuz my fringe was irritaing me!) :X

Overall look =3

That's all I have for you, my sweeties <3

Mitsuki & Yumiko
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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

21st Seiraisai at Waseda Shibuya Senior High School

Sorry for not updating so long >.<

On the 18th September, Mitsuki,Yumiko and friends went to a Japanese senior high school to visit their school festival!
Its their 21st annual school festival.
Everyone were warmly welcomed to celebrate their festival as well.


We went there at around 10 am and there were already lots of pple queueing up to enter the school!

On a sunny bright morning

"Welcome to Waseda Shibuya High School!"

As we were walking the pathway to the school, many Japanese Students were busy promoting their booth!
Here's one, with 3 cute Japanese girls promoting their show. 
One of our friend took pictures with them. Our friends faces were censored for their privacy :)

They have lots of booths everywhere. 
Everyone can vote their favourite booth at the end of the day.
I supposed the best winning booth gets a nice prize!
These booths were made by students.  I think it's 1 classroom per booth.

They have drawing activity here as well!
All of us drew and wrote our words of encouragement for the people who were affected by the Japanese disaster.

Here's Yumiko drawing on her card!

Afterwards, everyone went to eat.
Here's what Mitsuki and Yumiko ordered:

Smooth Custard Pudding! $2.00 only!

All these delicious food were made by the Japanese cooking teachers at the school to raise funds.
The base of the pudding was brown sugar syrup. However it was abit burnt.

Nevertheless it stills tastes good. 
Kudos to those who cooked the food! Because we heard that most said that cooking a custard pudding needs to have good skills.

We ate this too! Its Ton Katsu Don.
Its $5.
It contained:  Japanese rice, seaweed, fried pork cutlet, and eggs with onions on top of the cutlet.
The combination of the pork and the eggs was yummy and sweet tasting~~

After eating, we went to sit down to watch their student's performance.

There were many different types of performance performed by the students.
There were J rock, J pop, etc.

The picture above was a Japanese cultural song performance.

We also took pictures with the students!

Some of the students will dress like Cartoon characters to attract everyone's attention to visit their booth!
Here's Yumiko taking picture with these 2 awesome students at a Cosplay booth.

We also went to their famous school haunted house booth!
It is the most popular booth every year! So it is a must to visit this haunted booth when you are here.

the haunted houe booth.

These papers were passed around, explaining the story of this year's haunted house.

Very creative of these students! 

As most of us were quite tired from waking up early to the school, our last booth visited was the school laboratory lab.

We were taught how to make slime~

These are the chemicals, dyes to make SLIME!

It is actually easy to do, pouring chemicals and stuff.
And, around 5 mins, and your slime is ready!

Thus, this ends our day at Waseda Shibuya High School.

"See you again Waseda Shibuya!"

opps, I think "g" in the word "again" dropped off!

In case you are interested to know their address, etc, here it is:
Opening hours: 9.30am-4.30pm
Venue: Waseda Shibuya Senior High School
57 West Coast Road,Singapore 127366

During the event, cosplay were strictly not allowed.

Yumiko and Mitsuki
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