Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Mizukitty eyemazing 304 X Daiso top lash review

Hello sweeties~

Today, I will be doing a review of Mizukitty's lash 304 X Daiso lash!

Sweet ribbon series


Daiso natural lash. These lashes are really a steal. Two pairs for SGD$2!!

 I stacked both of them up and it look like this =)

Bottom lash is dollywink no.5 ^^

I chose to use this particular daiso lash because I think that it would give the overall look more natural.

I love this combination of lashes as it is at the same time natural yet it still gives you a dolly look

Mizukitty's lashes are very soft. However, the lash band is not transparent, but is black. So this might be something you would want to consider before buying.

 This is a pair of new contacts I have gotten from the optical shop since the selling of lenses online have been banned and I could not purchase them anymore. T_T

These lenses are more comfortable than the ones I have gotten so far. They are currently my favorite pair of lenses now!

Mitsuki <3
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Sunday, 28 August 2011

OMY Blogger Event

Hi all!

Sorry for the delayed post! We were selected to go for the OMY Blogger Event at Shanghai Dolly last month! It was a luxurious event and we were honoured to be able to go for this event!

Shanghai Dolly was the location where the event held!

During the start of the event, we were to register our names before entering.
They gave us tags to enter to the event.

of course, drinks were provided as well! There were even alchohol too!


nice high class atmosphere <3

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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Pearly N Kelly 2nd giveaway!!!!!!!

Pearly N Kelly is doing a second giveaway! Their items for the giveaway is simply loves!

Please let us win the giveaway!!! >.<

*Side track a lil* In April, We were very honored to be selected for her Kelly's first makeover session! If you have yet to read the post on the makeover, please do! Kelly is a very nice and pretty girl! Her fashion sense is really good and we have always enjoyed stalking reading her blog!
Kelly's version
MitsuYumi's Version

And now... I proudly present you her awesome giveaway! *drools at all items*

Link to her giveaway!

Loves, MitsukiYumiko

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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Sponsored Advertorial: NEW NuTeen Oil Control Series‏

The sample store sent us 3 products to review!
Its: Nuteen oil control series!
-Nuteen acne away sleeping mask
-Nuteen acne shine away toner
-Nuteen Acne pimples away cleanser


Don’t have to dream about having flawless and pimple free complexion only in your sleep! Now you can sleep away 
your Acnes & Pimples - Literally!" 

Yumiko is reviewing on her: Nuteen acne shine away toner and Nuteen acne pimples away cleanser.

nuteen toner and cleanser~

Here's Yumiko before picture :
Let Yumiko introduce everyone with 3 simple steps of having a clean, healthy and smooth skin!

before picture.

Sidetrack: How is Acne formed?
Acne is one of the most common skin problems, especially among teenagers & young adults. When the pores are clogged by excessive oil secretion, an oil plug will be formed initially, also known as a whitehead. Over time, it will oxidize to become a blackhead. Once the whiteheads or blackheads are infected by bacteria exposed to the skin, they will become inflamed and result in the formation of acne & pimples.

Therefore it is important to cleanse & get rid of excess facial oil effectively to keep skin blemish-free!

with the cleanser!

This is how the cleanser looks like when squeezed out. 
It is abit watery as to compared to the other cleansers.

cleanser applied~

Apply with water, and lather it up with alot of bubbles!!
And, of course! Apply it on your face, and massage it well~

applying cleanser on my face~

Product description:
    Specially formulated with Salicylic Acid to fight acne
Provides anti-bacterial properties to help soothe pimples
 Enriched with Thanakha Extract & Vinegar, two natural ingredients that calm & soothe acne inflamed skin
Gently & effectively cleanses & removes excess oil & dirt without drying, leaving skin clean & healthy 


Step 2: After applying cleaner, apply toner to invigorate your skin!
the toner!

I kind of like this toner as once applied on my face, it felt refreshing!
Moreover, it has this "green tea" scent that smells nice.

apply adequate toner on the cotton bud.

Product description: 
       Contains Salicylic Acid to help reduce blemishes & oil control

Formulated with Triclosan for anti-bacterial purpose and to keep skin shine-free
Enhanced with Thanakha Extract for fairer skin, the natural way
Added with Hazel Extract to help minimize pores
 Helps clear, smoothen & keep skin in its natural pH balance

Step 3: moisturize your face!
You can use any moisturizer, but I like to use this: Skin food fresh Juice c cream
It smells nice and I like fruit scents~
I think I like products with fruity or tea scent ahaha.

fresh juice c cream as my moisturizer.

or you can use this product: Nuteen acne away sleeping mask that Mitsuki has reviewed!

According to the product description: 
After moisturizing your face, apply an adequate amount onto entire face as the last step of your skincare regime. Do not rinse off. Leave mask on till the next morning & cleanse face with NuTeen Oil Away Cool Cleanser/ NuTeen Acne Away Cleanser. Use NuTeen Acne & Pimples Away Sleeping Mask at least 2-3 times a week.

Here's Yumiko after look!
I feel that my face is cleaner! Moreover, I have "green tea" scent all over my face!
It lasted for around 3 hours~

after look! 

Overall, I like this product. Although I have no acne/pimple to prove this product usefulness, but it cleans my face very well! 
It has this everlasting scent as well. I will definitely buy this product for its scent ahaha~

And now, Mitsuki will review on her Acne & Pimples Away Sleeping Mask! =)

Say Goodbye to Pimples and Oil skin while you sleep!

YAY! New Product to review!!!
Loves <3
Mitsuki happily posing with the new item~

And I proudly presen you NuTeen Acne & Pimples Away Sleeping Mask *Drumroll*

Close up of product. It is a little greenish
A little creamy in texture

Before blending

After blending

Close up of mask on my face

Product Benefits
1) Oil Control- Effectively helps to reduce extra grease & oil in the pore. Thus, it can heps to reduce the growth of acne
2) Anti Acne- This is an anti-bacteria formula that can effectively helps to dry up acne and reduces skin's roughness. Thus skin become smoother and clearer in the next morning

Directions: After moisturizing your face, apply an adequate amount onto entire face as the last step of your skincare regime. Do not rinse off. Leave mask on till the next morning and cleanse face with NuTeen Oil Away Cleanser (reviewed by Yumiko). Use NuTeen Acne and Pimples Away Sleeping Mask at least 2-3 times a week.

Our skin regenerates itself during sleep and if our skin is provided with adequate moisture and nourishment during the night, the speed of skin regeneration will be doubled!

This product gives a tinge of green tea scent and once applied, it will be absorbed onto the skin quickly. Then, I feel a slight tightness and coolness on my face (I feel this is good as it indicates the product is doing "something" to my skin)
After awhile, it is fully absorbed into my skin and it becomes dry. After which, I went straight to bed, with no worries of it staining my pillow case.

When I woke up, I wash the mask off and wash my face with a facial foam. My skin feels fresh and smooth after that.

In all, I like this product because of it's smell and the after effect it have on my skin. I am sorry but I am unable to give more in depth review because I have only used this product for 2 times. However, I have not faced any problems using this product and is actually rather happy with this product. 0(^ ^)0

Loves NuTeen~

Oh yes! We have good news for everyone:
 LIKE NuTeen facebook to pledge for a blemish free skin today + updates/giveaways :

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Friday, 12 August 2011

Apparels from Japan!

Hi dearies!

This post is about the clothes I gotten from Japan! XD

For most of the shops, I will ask the pretty salesgirl (In fact all of them are pretty!) to help me choose a few outfits and recommend me on coordination. =) They are really patient and nice.

When changing in the fitting room, I will have to remove my shoes as the inside of the fitting room have carpet. When changing the tops or blouses, I will have to put on a face mask which resembles a bag so that my makeup will not stain the clothes. Dont worry! The face masks is very hygienic and they will throw away after each use!

After changing, it is quite common when the staff will keep saying kawaii kawaii kawaii to you. HAHA.  I will say no, you're wayyy more kawaii! Then like a pervert, I went to hug them (Laughs) They really look like dolls and are really cute and nice. Cant resist (laughs) Mitsuki is always unable to resist cuteness XD 

Harajuku (Takeshita Dori)

Liz Lisa
Knitted top and skirt pants! See outfit of the day
Kya! This dress damn nice. So princess-like.
Maybe I will look pretty after wearing this amazing dress (laughs)

White top~

Beige top. The sales girl told me to wear something inside and tie the end of the shirt up
I got the beige one because the Kawaii sales girl told me I look better in beige ^^
She's really patient and nice! She teach me how to coordinate too! XD

I like this pants because of the lace and chains!
This pants have Cocolulu feel to it. It's cheap at a price of 990 yen!!!
Since most of the pretty dolls in Japan are wearing long dresses, I couldnt resist when I saw this!

The kawaii staff at this shop recommended me this outfit and kept saying kawaii kawaii haha


The salesgirl at this shop is really pretty. She is mixed blood (3 nations tgt) Damn cool!

Marple Q
I got the salesgirl (who looks like those models in egg magazines) to help me choose an outfit. She chose this crop T and the pants (below) for me! She's really cool and pretty!

 After buying this pants, I asked the salesgirl for directions and she didnt know and she went to the storeroom to ask her colleagues for help! Then another pretty girl came out to explain to me. However, I still could not get it as the map was really confusing. Then.... A super handsome and hot guy came out from the store and showed me the map on his phone and talked to me in English! OMG! I totally regretted not taking a picture of him! He is not only handsome, but patient and nice too!! *Blushes*

Cute top!

 Shall end off with here~

Mitsuki <3
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