Sunday, 31 July 2011

Mizukitty Lash X Dollywink No.5 Review~


I have gotten a few lashes from Japan! Two of which are Mizukitty and the other is Dollywink, D-up and many moreeee XD

And today, I will be reviewing Mizukitty No.303  Lashes  and Dollywink No.5 lashes. =)))

Mizukitty and Tsubasa are both my favorite models! Other favorite models includes Okarie, Hikari, Suzuki Nana, Izuoka Misaki and more 0(^ ^)0




Nana chan

Shall start on my review!!!

Mizukitty Upper lash X Taiwan bottom lash, Geo nudy lens in grey

Mizukitty lash and Dollywink No.5, Geo mimi lens in sesame grey

I simply love Mizukitty No.303 lash and dollywink No.5 bottom lash! 

The upperlash gives you a very dolly and sweet look while the bottom lash is very natural! 

However, do keep in mind that the upper lashes might look weird when not wearing circle lenses! The bottom lashes on the other hand, will not look weird when not wearing circle lenses as they are really natural! =)

I would definately repurchase these lashes! =D Glad that I bought them!

I tried Okarie eye makeup style using Mizukitty lash and dollywink bottom lash, and applied the upper and lower lash outside of my lash line.

 Gomen ne, I'm not as cute as those models! :X Hope that my review helped you! 

To end this post, here is my outfit for the day!

Mitsuki <3

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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Lip Ice Sheer Color Beautiful Lips Sponsored Advertorial

Hi, the sample store sent us 2 products to review!
-Strawberry sheer colour Lip ice
- Shimmer Sheer colour Lip ice

Now, what does these new products do?

-Tranform your lips to a natural shade of beautiful pink
Goes on clear, then changes to a subtle pink that enhances the natural
beauty of your lips.! wow! 
It is made from: 
-Enhanced with natural BEESWAX formula
-Natural ingredients
Shea Butter, Macadamia Ternifolia Nut Oil, Jojoba Oil and Aloe Vera Extract
to keep lips moisturized, smooth and healthy
-Effective Anti-oxidant
Vitamin E to soften and protect lips against the harmful environment
Here's Mitsuki's review on her Strawberry Lip ice Sheer colour :

  • This lip balm is very unique as it changes to a natural sheer pink that is unique to you!
  • It is formulated with Beeswax which is suitable for all skin types including sensitive ones

In all, I am quite satisfied with this product. I feel that it is a two in 1 lip balm in a sense that it not only moisturize you lips, but it too adds a sheer pink to your lips. I personally feel that after applying this Lip Ice Sheer Color, there is no need to apply any lipstick. 

Here's Yumiko's review on her Shimmer Lip ice Sheer colour:

  • It really gives small shiny shimmer to my lips!
  • It is formulated with Beeswax which is suitable for all skin types including sensitive ones
it looks like a normal lip balm right? but it's different!

see the mini glitter on my lips when applied!
 At first, I did not really believe this product will change colour to a natural shade of pink, because it looks like a lip balm! But, it had gave me a pleasant surprise <3

I am definitely using this product when I want to take a break from lipsticks and lipglosses! 
This product is flavour free as well, so fear not for those who dont like flavoured lip balms!

We are very happy with this product!
You can also join their facebook contest:
top 3 most beautiful lips will walk away with a MP4 worth $259!
We have joined the contest as well!
Lastly, this prodcut comes in 3 flavours:
Strawberry , Fragrance Free, Shimmer 
Retail price: $7.50
You can get it at Watsons, Singapore!

Yumiko and Mitsuki
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Friday, 29 July 2011

Prevview blog post #2‏

It's time to call the votes for Prevview campaign!!!

brought to you by: 


We loved this video and we voted for it !! 

Here is the link of the video we voted: 

Why did we vote for Amanda, the contestant from the video ??
Because Amanda looks pleasant and speaks clearly!
She is not afraid to look at the camera as well! XD
We admire her courage and ability as well. Also, looking neat and dressing professionally for the video shows her thoughtfulness for the video.

Readers, blog and vote for the visume you like the most!

Here's the voting link:

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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Tsubasa Masuwaka's May collection! (summary)

I am lagging behind all the Tsubasa's monthly collections :(
This is May 2011 collections!

makeup for the day: 
top eyelash: Mac No. 7
orange eyeshadow with orange blusher!

I have saved several pictures that I think it looks nice and compiled them as a mini digital "scrapbook".
hehe, I illustrated them in Adobe Illustrator :D
I love the picture where Tsubasa is leaning against the tree! 
Looks cute and its a unique pose! I like her hair at that picture as well.
Tsubasa's tip for Maxi long dress: If you are too short for your long maxi dress, buy those maxi dress with strap. 
You can adjust the dress length to your favourable length.

I also liked the idea of Tsubasa wearing a bandana with her jeans jumper!

There is also Tsubasa's makeup:

Natural makeup!
Tsubasa uses: dolly wink no.4 and no.5 for her fake eyelashes.
Natural eyeshadow but yet makes your eyes bigger: dolly wink brown eyeshadow.

Personally, i like Tsubasa in dark brown hair! I think she rocks at this hair colour.
More makeup techniques and pictures from Tsubasa! 
I swear she looks pretty in every angle.

hehe, and here is one of my camwhore pictures!

Alright, thats all for this post!


next coming posts: 
~Tsubasa collection June
~ Tsubasa's brochures!
~ EXU milly clothes buffet
~ IKEMEN??!!

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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Preview of a few loots that I have gotten during the Japan trip! *SHOWS OFF mode on*

Hihi sweetie! 

These are some preview of things that I gotten from the trip and some pix to share~~

Back from Shibuya 109!  Stuff all the bags into my big big shopping bag!!

My Samantha Thavasa bag that I gotten from Ikebukuro boutique *SHOWS OFF XD Thanks mum <3 

From the web, red version!
I love this bear so cute! <3

Cute watch that I gotten XD

My Cocolulu sneakers and wedges!

Lashes, eyeliner

Some makeup, hair care, eye drops! (the BB cream is awesome!)

Some lip care~

Cakes from the confectionery section of the departmental store

Japanese cakes really taste like heaven! T_T

Well then, 
Stay in tune for upcoming posts! 0(^ ^)0

Mitsuki <3

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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Palty Milk Tea Brown Foam Dye+ Liz Lisa outfits~

Hello my dearies~

I am back from Japan since XXXX weeks and I tried out one of Tsubasa's latest foam dye in Japan! =DD

I bought two freshlight foam dye which have just been out in Japan too! XD

Sorry! I took these pictures from the hotel and the lighting in the hotel is really yellow T_T

Milk Tea brown!

It comes with a cute cup 

The components in the package


  • Easy to do it yourself just by mixing the components given
  • Can even relax in the bath tub while dyeing your hair (that is what I did) XD
  • Can use it as though you are shampooing your hair
  • Personally, the stains on my face and ears could be easily removed from lukewarm water
  • The two mixture (cream and liquid) could not mix well and ended up with residues of the cream =(
  • Hair feels quite dry right after you wash off the dye. Please use the hair moisturizer given in the package! 
Things to note: The colour doesn't show off straight away. On the day when I left Japan, the colour turned out nicer and I totally regretted not getting more! Luckily, there are still two freshlight hair dye waiting for me! =DD

Pictures and directions from the web! 

Before (Ugly black roots!)


I tried styling my hair and it kinda backfired =X

The before pic was taken at a salon called Neolive at Ikebukuro, Japan! I didnt go to the one dear Kelly have recommended because I went to attend a J Rock concert (OMG IT WAS AWESOME!) and it was very late after that! 

The staff was really humble and they even kneel on the floor while asking you questions! The  boss was no exception!

The experience is awesome! The boss cut my hair and styled it for me XD However, due to my lousy skills, I could not style my hair even though the nice boss patiently taught me how to =((  I even gotten the wax from the salon. I used it and somehow it just isn't right. But when my brother use it... Viola! It turn out to be really nice. I guess I have to learn more about hair styling! =((

Any sweeties have tips on styling the hair? 

Oh yeah! Do stay tune for Mizukitty lashes that I have bought from Japan! I bought quite a number of lashes in Japan!!!!!! XD

This is the outfit for the day! Liz Lisa Knitted top+ Lis Lisa skirt pants+ Liz Lisa Bag (Chambre a coucher) +wedges from Japan~~ =DD

Pics from Liz Lisa Web
The knitted pink top~

The skirt pants (the one I gotten is brown!)

The white lace bag!

I'll post more outfits that I have gotten from Liz Lisa another time~ Stay tune!

Love, Mitsuki <3
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