Thursday, 15 December 2011


Hi sweetiesssss!!

Sorry for being MIA again! Had many tests! I swear, it's really difficult! T^T

I am so sad!!! Yumiko left me here to go overseas and she'll be back in a weeks time! I am so lonely!! T^T Hope she comes back soon!!~

Anyway, here are some pictures I have taken when I was out with my shinyuu~

This is what we had for lunch! Considering it's price, the lunch tasted really good. =))

Black Pepper Chicken Chop

My shinyuu's fish fillet

After a day's shopping and to save our officially "dead" feets, we went to a Thai restaurant for dinner! We shared these dishes because we were still full from the lunch we had~
We had no idea what to eat for dessert and we chose this! Can eat many flavors at the same time! XD

"Glass noodles"

My eye makeup for the day

I don't really like my new contact lenses because the colour is too light and doesn't really give the dolly feel. Prefer my previous black ones though! The top and bottom lashes are from Daiso! ^^

Overall look