Saturday, 14 January 2012

The 1 room flat opposite of my house - in Singapore

"When I was young, whenever I failed my tests, my parents always threatened me that I will live in a 1 room flat apartment if I don't study well."

Here's a set of pictures of the 1 room flat apartment opposite of my house.

1 room flat in singapore is basically apartments typically consist of one large room which serves as the living, dining, and bedroom. It is built by the Singapore housing and development board to cater to the growing senior citizen population..

Occasionally,  there will be news about old people dying in their 1 room houses, and weeks later, neighbors will realized that their neighbor had died weeks later due to the decomposing stench wafering around their area.

Now, I feel time stops in this world of theirs. Ever since from young till now, nothing has changed in the interior of the building.

The exterior of the buiding- the home of many elderly here. 

The corridor.

Someone's stuffs, placed outside of their door.
Most of the time, people will place their stuffs, like shoes etc, outside of their door for convenience.

The glimpse of light outside of the window.

Elderly sitting outside of her building, while several pigeons were loitering around.

That's all for today's post~
by the way, all the photos were taken by me.




Esther ; LevitiesofLord said...

Hi Girls ,

I would like to check with your where is this picture taken at ? any specific location ?